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    The company with the highest skillset within the 4th industrial revolution.

    Crengine will keep evolving.

    Greetings, I am Cregine’s CEO, Jin-Kook Lim

     3 year after its foundation, Crengine has created both a national and an international network. By working closely together with conglomerates such as Hanwha Defense, System, Aerospace and Korea Aerospace nationally and companies such as the Dutch van Halteren, TNO, Photonis and Hanwha Defense Australia, we are able to directly work together with great business partners in the world.

     We are also constantly strengthening our connections with companies such as  Korail, Samsung, Hyundai Department store and many other potential business partners to increase our influence.

     I have worked for Samsung for 30 years in research, marketing, sales and project planning departments. Aside from these activities, I also was active in quality renovation, product development, human resources and finally worked in CMMI, quality management and test and evaluation.


    Cregine CEO – Jin-Kook Lim


    Crengine’s Management Philosophy

    Technological Innovation

    Crengine believes that new skills are the key to a companies’ growth. For a brighter future, we  continuously invest in technological innovation.

    High Quality

    Crengine strives to create the best products and is always conducting research in order to do so. The best developers create the best products.

    Trust Management

    Within Crengine, trust is of paramount importance. When you hear trustworthy, we hope you think of our company. We will always strive for perfection


    Crengine has grown steadily over the years.

    Let us show you our timeline.


    January 2019

    Proposal of a VR system to assist manufacturing companies with their infrastructure
    March 2019

    Proposal for VR content for Powerplant workers

    April 2019

    Proposal of a mutual communication enhancing smart solution

    May 2019

    Participating company for the creation of VR Kite exhibition content with KOCCA
    September 2019

    Cooperation agreement with Multiculture TV and Kiwoom Education

    October 2019

    VR Kite exhibition at the Jamsil Culture festival

    October 2019

    MOU with ID&D

    December 2019

    VR Kite Content Experience exhibition with KOCCA


    January 2017 

    Company Establishment

    February 2017

    Applied for a patent for multiple VR motion simulators

    March 2017

    Participate in the development of a VR ballistic firing simulator

    May 2018

    Proposal of the VR K9 Driving Simulator for the Norwegian Army
    September 2018

    NDA with Van Halteren (The Netherlands

    November 2018

    Creation of 36 years of history recording content

    November 2018

    Approval of being a Venture Company


    “A small business based on a strong foundation”

                                                                                    Crengine Cooperate Identiy


    How to reach us

    (Head office)


    Samhwan Hipex A-dong 509-6, Gyeonggido Seongnam City,

    Bundang Pangyo 240, South Korea








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